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Vivid WorkshopData ATI V102 Multilanguage RG 13 (Updated 2022)




What is new in this edition is an emphasis on the applications and the using of real time systems in the areas of security, health, automation, robotics, home-care, warfare, etc. Throughout the book, the author provides many example problems and also presents the solution to the problems. Chapter 2 – Real-Time Systems Design Considerations The design and implementation of real-time systems must be carried out in such a way that not only is the problem solvable but also that it is done in the most efficient manner possible. In this chapter, we will look at some of the considerations in the real-time systems design process and focus on a few approaches that are suitable for real-time. Some of these approaches are based on the fact that real-time systems can be designed as software only systems. A real-time software only system is called a "monolithic" system. In addition to these considerations, the design and implementation of real-time systems must be analyzed from an architectural point of view. In this regard, there are various architectures that can be used in the design of real-time systems. These systems can be analyzed in a single stage time or in two or more stages. Finally, a hybrid approach is described. In this approach, the real-time system is implemented in a microcontroller that is capable of either one-shot or continuous real-time processing. Chapter 3 – Real-Time Hardware Choices The choice of the hardware is not easy in the design of real-time systems. There are certain guidelines that we can use in the selection of hardware. The basic requirement is that the hardware must be versatile enough so that it can be used for a variety of different real-time applications. It is also important that the software interface be very simple so that it will not complicate the design of the hardware. The speed of the hardware in the microcontroller must also be taken into consideration in the selection of the hardware for a particular real-time application. A real-time application can be called a single stage application if the desired system has a single stage of execution. In such a system, the execution of the software to be real-time constrained can be done in a single stage of execution. A two stage system is one in which the real-time constraints are implemented in the first stage of execution. A hybrid system is a system in which some of the hardware features are suitable for one type of real-time application and some of the features are suitable for another type of real-time application.



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Vivid WorkshopData ATI V102 Multilanguage RG 13 (Updated 2022)

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