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Meet The Team



Lead Groomer and Owner


Juju is passionate about changing how your pet experiences grooming. She strives to provide a calm, loving, and stressfree environment for your pets. Juju is all about a force-free approach with positive reinforcement with the hopes that your pet will begin to love grooming and look forward to coming every time. She specializes in difficult and senior pets, when dealing with these special cases she is patient, loving, and gentle. 

Outside of grooming she loves taking care of all her plants, traveling the world, and spending time with her family. 



Operations Manager 


Britney is Juju Grooms Operations Manager, designer, and brand coordinator. She handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes for both Juju Grooms and Shop Juju like the website, store design, merchandising, and more. 

Outside of Juju Grooms and Shop Juju, she loves fashion, vintage, antiques, and interior design. She also happens to be Juju's fiance. 


Dog & Cat Groomer


Wendy is an incredible highly experienced groomer, fun fact she trained Juju on how to be a groomer way back in 2011 when Juju was working as a bather. They share the same passion and ethos when it comes to their work and their love of animals. Wendy has been grooming dogs for 15 years and cats for 10 years. She is kind, compassionate, loving, patient, gentle and sincere. 

In her spare time she loves to go hiking with her husband and their 2 dogs, Kobe and Ellie, she also loves to snuggle up to her cat Maria at home. You can see her work on her Instagram.


Dog Groomer


Lynne has been a groomer for 5 years now and is dedicated to expanding her education on all breeds! From curly coated to double coated, big to small, she'll treat your dog with compassion and care as if they were her own. She shares the same philosophy that Juju has for her clients, and we're thrilled to have her on our team!


Those who already know Lynne will tell you she's the best-- but if you want to see for yourself, you can check out her work on Instagram


Dog Groomer


Ayumi has over 7 years of experience as a pet groomer and she is always seeking to learn and improve her skills. She loves grooming all kinds of breeds, but her favorite is working with curly-haired breeds, using a mix of styles from Asian and North American grooming techniques. Her focus is on creating a style that not only looks great but is also easy for pet owners to maintain. She takes the time to assess each dog's individual needs and preferences, tailoring her approach to suit their unique personality and physical characteristics.

When she's not grooming dogs, she enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking, as well as crocheting to create custom collars for her furry friends.


Dog Groomer


After being in the hospitality industry most of her working life, Caity began grooming in 2018 and found a love for making dogs look like a real life teddy bears.  She also has a real passion for skin and coat.  Did you know dogs have cells in their skin that are directly related to their immune system? Healthy skin=healthy dog.  She is specializing in Asian Fusion,  but can’t resist a natural or double coated dog.  Being an owner of a rescue border collie mix,  it’s hard to resist a good de shed or big dog!  It's all about the dramatic before and afters.

You can check out her work on her Instagram or her TikTok

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Dog Groomer & Creative Groomer


Jessica has been grooming since 2018 after getting her first dog, a standard poodle named Walter. She began creative grooming on him by practicing a variety of themed styles and realized that it was her calling.


Jessica, also known as the Toronto Colour Queen, is an Opawz Creative Groomer Expert and has become one of the most sought-out creative groomers in the province. She has been recognized internationally and her story has been published in the popular UK newspaper The Mirror as well as other online publications. When she’s not colouring a dog into a movie character or exotic animal, Jessica enjoys a good de-shed on a double coat, and giving a dog a nice trim to stay fresh at home. She’s obsessed with all Poodles, Bull Terriers, and Bedlingtons, and appreciates the beauty in every single breed.

You can check out her work on her Instagram and Walters 

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Dog Groomer


Kristin has been working with dogs for the past five years and as a child, she knew it was what she was destined to do when she grew up. She apprenticed under Amethyst in 2022, focusing mostly on Samoyeds and is now also capable of grooming all breeds under Juju's supervision. She has a great future in her dog grooming career as she is naturally talented. She is now your go-to Sammy groomer.

She has a soft spot for all Bully breeds because she grew up around a pack of Pitbulls. Outside of work Kristin is an avid gamer and has pups named Max and Cal.




Rya's favourite part of working at Juju Grooms is the constant never-ending parade of pup cuddles and cute cat sightings. She has 2 cats at home named Sir Samwise Doomfluff, a fluffy little lion, and Dali, a very vocal calico. She is kind, funny, and always down to pet a puppy. 


Outside of work, Rya likes to go camping, dance, dabble in art, and garden. She is your point of reference for appointments and any general questions you may have!




Having worked in various customer service positions, Jo knows just how to make guests feel at home. With her bright and bubbly personality, Jo is always ready to greet you and your fuzzy friend with a warm smile. She will also not be able to resist all the cuteness of your pets and will definitely be playing with them. 


When Jo isn't working, you can find her spending time with her dog, Miso. They'll go on long walks by the lakeshore or make musicals with all of Miso’s squeaky toys. Besides her love for Miso, Jo loves to cook, sew, thrift, and get lost in fabric stores. 

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Devaughn has been working with pets since he was 18 as a Marketing Intern with Dog Standards, a brand we love and carry here at Juju Grooms and Shop Juju. Before he had begun his pet journey at Dog Standards his love for animals began with the chance to pet-sit a friend's dog. From then on he developed a huge love for animals, although he has no pets of his own yet, he saves all his love for your dogs and cats. 

Outside of work, he spends most of his time studying, and hangout out with friends or family. He always has a podcast or Youtube video playing in the background, lighting a candle or incense in his room and creating a nice cozy vibe for himself and his friends. 




Halle loves getting to work with so many different animals and being able to shape their grooming experience. Halle finds it very rewarding when she's able to provide them with an anxiety-free bath and drying and she loves working with our elderly and anxious dogs.


Halle has two cats of her own at home and in her free time she likes to make art and spend time with her friends. 




Umi is a passionate dog enthusiast who gives all the love she can to every dog she meets. She feels a great sense of joy and purpose when she is able to get a dog feeling clean, fluffy and happy with as little stress as possible. Umi has experience working in doggy daycare as well. Umi is also training to one day be a groomer and we believe she'll be there in no time!


Outside of work, Umi loves to dance, which is one of her greatest hobbies.




A former vet assistant, dog walker, dog daycare attendant, and volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society, she has a lot of experience with dogs and lots more love to give them! She's passionate about animal welfare and thinks it's important to see the pets that make us happy be happy too.

Aside from working with dogs, she loves video games, baking cookies, and messing around with her own pups - Jackson and Ruby. 

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