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Meet The Team



Lead Groomer and Owner


Juju is passionate about changing how your pet experiences grooming. She strives to provide a calm, loving, and stressfree environment for your pets. Juju is all about a force-free approach with positive reinforcement with the hopes that your pet will begin to love grooming and look forward to coming every time. She specializes in difficult and senior pets, when dealing with these special cases she is patient, loving, and gentle. 

Outside of grooming she loves taking care of all her plants, traveling the world, and spending time with her family. 



Operations Manager 


Britney is Juju Grooms Operations Manager, designer, and brand coordinator. She handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes for both Juju Grooms and Shop Juju like the website, store design, merchandising, and more. 

Outside of Juju Grooms and Shop Juju, she loves fashion, vintage, antiques, and interior design. She also happens to be Juju's fiance. 

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Vasshiya is Juju Grooms's Manager. With a background of managerial and corporate experience. She loves animals, especially raccoons. If you stop by, there is a high chance you will see something raccoon-related with her. As Britney transitions into her maternity leave, Vasshiya will be taking over a lot of the operations role for the business. 

Fun fact: she does not have any pets of her own however, she will spoil your pets with treats! Outside of her working hours, she loves coffee, movies, lakes, jewelry, and of course raccoons. 


Dog & Cat Groomer


Wendy is an incredible highly experienced groomer, fun fact she trained Juju on how to be a groomer way back in 2011 when Juju was working as a bather. They share the same passion and ethos when it comes to their work and their love of animals. Wendy has been grooming dogs for 15 years and cats for 10 years. She is kind, compassionate, loving, patient, gentle and sincere. 

In her spare time she loves to go hiking with her husband and their 2 dogs, Kobe and Ellie, she also loves to snuggle up to her cat Maria at home. You can see her work on her Instagram.


Dog Groomer


Ayumi has over 7 years of experience as a pet groomer and she is always seeking to learn and improve her skills. She loves grooming all kinds of breeds, but her favorite is working with curly-haired breeds, using a mix of styles from Asian and North American grooming techniques. Her focus is on creating a style that not only looks great but is also easy for pet owners to maintain. She takes the time to assess each dog's individual needs and preferences, tailoring her approach to suit their unique personality and physical characteristics.

When she's not grooming dogs, she enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking, as well as crocheting to create custom collars for her furry friends. You can see her work on her Instagram.

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Dog Groomer


Kristin has been working with dogs for the past five years and as a child, she knew it was what she was destined to do when she grew up. She apprenticed under Amethyst in 2022, focusing mostly on Samoyeds and is now also capable of grooming all breeds under Juju's supervision. She has a great future in her dog grooming career as she is naturally talented. She is now your go-to Sammy groomer.

She has a soft spot for all Bully breeds because she grew up around a pack of Pitbulls. Outside of work Kristin is an avid gamer and has pups named Max and Cal.


Dog Groomer


Becky has been a groomer for three years now and has a special bond with all her clients. She loves to groom all types of breeds under Juju's supervision. She loves taking care of all her dog clients as well as her own. She is incredibly patient and has a calm and loving demeanour which the dogs gravitate to.


Becky is a friendly and warm person. She is a wonderful loving mother and she is very family-oriented. Outside of her grooming hours, she loves to spend time with her energetic kids and her furry baby Lio. 


Dog Groomer


​​After graduating as a veterinarian, Lily has been grooming since 2019. She decided to try grooming and fell in love with this profession. She specializes in Classic and Asian styles, but she also enjoys working with double-coated breeds. She periodically attends advanced training at various masterclasses. She is an aesthete and perfectionist in her work. Lily specializes in Classic and Asian styles, but she also enjoys working with double-coated breeds

Outside of grooming, she loves art, enjoying nature, travelling the world, and spending time with her friends. You can check out her work on her Instagram.


Dog Groomer


Sahar is the recent addition to our paw-mazing team! With lots of experience in bathing & grooming dogs, Sahar is deeply passionate about her profession. With her calm nature, she prioritizes the well-being of your dog, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable in her care. On top of that, Sahar is a scissor-master and is sure to give your pup the cutest ‘cut! 


As a recent Toronto resident, Sahar loves to explore the city and visit some of the hot-spots during her time off from grooming. She would love to hear your recommendations for some fun things to do in Toronto! 




Carrie brings a genuine passion for animals and a friendly, welcoming attitude to the store. Her love for all animals, particularly cats, is evident with five feline companions of her own. Carrie thoroughly enjoys interacting with clients, ensuring their pets receive the best care and attention.

Outside of work, Carrie's interests include cooking, video games, reading, and journaling, providing her with a well-rounded perspective and a creative outlet. She is particularly fond of the colour pink, and her enthusiasm for skincare. Overall, Carrie's diverse interests and warm personality contributes to creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere at the front desk!




Sena was studying to be a veterinarian and has experience in understanding animal body language and handling. She strives to handle each dog with enough care so that they do not feel anxious during the grooming process. In Japan, she also belonged to the animal behaviour laboratory and learned about dog training. She tries to handle animals in a way that relieves their tension and makes them feel happy. When she lived in Japan, she would often go for drives or go out with her dog on holidays.

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