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About Juju Grooms
Juju is an experienced, professional dog & cat groomer and a Master certified feline groomer. Juju represents the very elite in the grooming community and through her skilled hands you can expect nothing less than consistent perfection. Throughout her career, she has dedicated her time to developing her unique low-impact handling style and consistently improving her individual grooming style which her clients have come to trust and adore.​ Juju has quickly become one of the most sought-after names in the Toronto grooming scene. 
Our team is an extension of what we started in our home: we are continuing to build a community of like-minded individuals whose focus is your pet's best interests and overall experience. Juju Grooms strives to provide a positive experience for your pet, offering them our full attention and care. We are capable of all breed-specific grooming, Asian style grooming, difficult pets & cat grooming. Juju Grooms offers fear-free, low impact grooming services and we are always looking to provide the best service-- and now, products-- to our clients. 
Juju Grooms' mission is to prevent and alleviate any fear, anxiety and stress in your pet's experience at a grooming salon, and that all starts with the owner's education. Pet professionals play a critical role in creating a happier, healthier, fear-free environment for pets, but it is the owners choice that starts that process.  
Our little puppy has been taken care of by Juju for almost 3 years now. There isn’t a pair of scissors in the city as magical as Juju’s. Harper is always looking her best thanks to Juju. I’ve had to take her elsewhere a couple times and she was miserable and definitely did not look her best. She loves Juju. I guarantee if you give your little furry one a spa day with TwoTails you will never go anywhere else. Simply the best!



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